A Year of Encountering Jesus


Hey Willow Point!

I am excited about 2015! I am going to be preaching through the Gospel of Mark, every Sunday morning with a series entitled “Encountering Jesus.”  Every time we see people who encountered Jesus, their lives were changed. It didn’t matter if they were poor, oppressed, grieving, hurting, suffering, broken families, sick and diseased, the demon possessed, and even the religious were changed when they met Jesus!  When people encounter Jesus today, their lives are changed in the same kinds of ways!

If you are curious about Christianity, this is a great series to learn about what it means to follow Jesus. You may have not fully “bought-in” to this Christianity of following Jesus and we understand that, and we would love for you to come and learn about what it means to follow Jesus.

Blessings for those of you who seek Him and those of you who share Him.

Pastor Billy