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Jesus is Greater than Religion!

Join Pastor Billy as he preaches on “Jesus is Greater Than Religion” in the Encountering Jesus series from the Gospel of  Mark 2:18-3:6
Willow Point Baptist Church on March 15, 2015

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Here are some key points from Pastor Billy’s message.

1. Jesus came to create a new you, not to give you an updated list of religious rules to follow! Mark 2:18-22

2. Jesus came to help you enjoy life not to dominate your life like religion. Mark 2:23- 28

  • Jesus>Religion Because Religion seeks to Dominate your life. Jesus Frees you to Enjoy Life!
  • Jesus>Religion Because Religion reforms, Jesus Transforms your life!

3. Jesus came to help people because people are more important than the rules of the religious. Mark 3:1-6

  • There is a special place in hell for mean religious people.
  • Beware of Super-Spiritual people – they are neither super nor spiritual!
  • Beware of Perfect Families – they do not exist!

4. Reject religion and receive Jesus’ Free Offer of Grace!

  • Religion sets rules, Jesus sets you free!
  • Religion emphasizes the importance of sacrifice, devotion, and duty. Jesus emphasizes His sacrificial work on the cross!
  • Religion says keep working! Jesus says, it is Finished!
  • Religion says DO! Jesus says DONE!
  • Religion says Do this! Jesus says Follow Me!
  • Religion will send you to Hell! Jesus will bring you to Heaven!
  • Religion will make your life hard! Jesus will help you carry the hard load of life and make it much easier on you!
  • Religion makes enemies, Jesus makes friends!
  • Religion will make you miserable, but Jesus will give you a joyous abundant life!
  • Religion says God will love you if…. Jesus says, God loved you so much that He gave His one and only Son!

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