Upcoming! Hero Fest, Don Piper, Heaven Bible Study, & End Times Sermon series.



hero fest 2015-1a

Hey Willow Point!  We need your help
(1) Game attendants – to help the kids with the games.
(2) Get the Word out about our Hero Fest  – please forward this to your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and people you just met!
(3) Grab some bags of CANDY and bring them to church this Sunday, so our guests will have big smiles about WP!
(4) Get your Hero on and Email me if you can VOLUNTEER IN ANY WAY!


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Dear Friends,

Really?  Can someone really come back from the dead?  That is the question. Did Don Piper really see Heaven?  Lots of people in the Bible died and then came back. God gave some people in the Bible visions of Heaven which are written in the Bible. With so many posers and charlatans out there, who are we to believe?  Here is a simple test that I want to encourage everyone to do. The Bible teaches us to test the spirits/doctrine, so simply ask these questions:

Put it to the test!
(1) Scripture Test:  Does anything they say (a) contradict, (b) add to, (c) or take away from Scripture?  Limit all experiences to the confines of Scripture.

(2) Holy Spirit Test:  Does the Holy Spirit bear witness with your spirit this is real?

(3) Godly Leaders Test:  Are there a large number of highly respected Godly leaders who would agree with you?

Remember you still have a choice to believe them or not believe them.  They can be saying everything right, but does it mean they really had a life-after-death experience? Not at all. You can be skeptical (doubting) of the story about their personal experience, but that does not mean you have to be critical (fault finding, judging, accusing, condemning).

Skeptical/Doubting is saying, “I like what the person says, but I reserve judgment because that is a personal story which is unable to be verified.”  There is nothing wrong with that approach. If you have peace with Scripture, peace with the Spirit of God, and peace with numerous other Godly leaders about believing a person’s story, then that is good too. You should not be criticized about your belief.

Invite your friends, come and hear Don’s story, and make your own decision!
Pastor Billy


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Heaven Bible Study Kick Off – November 4th
Wednesday Nights at 6:00
Come join us as Pastor Billy teaches what the Bible says about Heaven and Eternal Life.  Bring your questions!  We will have a great time!


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The End Times
In the Words of Jesus

Special Four Part Message Series

I don’t know about you, but I am growing  tired  of  a new group of  people  saying  “the  world is going to end” each month! 

Some are intentionally frightening people in order to get them to buy something that they are selling.

We are living in uncertain times, but the words of Jesus about the End Times were not meant to frighten those who hear it.  Rather, they were intended to help us know how to live in the increasingly difficult and uncertain times of the Last Days.

Come and hear this special series of messages:
“The End Times in the Words of Jesus.”
What did Jesus Himself actually say that the End Times would be like? 

I will teach four special messages explaining what Jesus actually said about the Last Days.  Hope to see you then!

Pastor Billy Stevens

Series Begins Sunday
November 8, 2015 at 10:45a