Cardboard Testimony Plan


Hey Willow Point!

If I have heard one thing over and over again since I have been here is that people don’t know who Willow Point people are and if they did, more people would want to come.  This is an opportunity for you to help tell who Willow Point really is.  On Sunday March 20th we will be doing Cardboard Testimonies. We would like for each of you to write a cardboard testimony like in the video below.  We have included some examples of ideas that might be helpful to tell others what Jesus has done in your life.

  • We are providing the cardboard.
  • We are providing the markers.
  • We need you to provide the testimony.
  • It will be video recorded so you can show it to your friends and family when you are inviting them to church.
  • This Sunday March 6th and the next March 13th we will make the signs.  Cardboard and markers will be available for you in the choir room, so you can design your testimony.
  • Please be prayerful about this.
  • We really need around 40 people committed to doing this.

Please plan on sharing something big that God has done in your life with a simple piece of cardboard so we can reach more people who are going through things that God has already brought you through.

Pastor Billy

Here are two video examples and a list of example testimonies.  Tell your story, but here are some of the kinds of things people have done.



Chronic pain for a long period of time Healed by the power of Jesus
Homeless without hope Now have a home and church family
Addicted to heroin for 30 years Saved Free and Clean
Full of resentment and bitterness Full of grace joy and peace
Not able to have children fro 5 years Our child is 2 years old
25 year junkie which lead to prison Saved….addicted to Jesus
Saved at age 7 Still serving the Lord 50 years later
They said our marriage would not last Celebrating 18 years of marriage
6 month old baby diagnosed with cancer Cancer free today
Praying mother of a wayward son Son saved in 2005
Chameleon Christian Whole in Christ
Invested in stuff Investing in people
A wounded, fearful and weak man A restored warrior for His kingdom
Self-centered religious poser Christ follower fiercely defending the kingdom
Spent 21 years in darkness of atheism I saw the light and was baptized in 2008
I was insecure I am secure in the love of Jesus
Bound by chains of legalism Free to walk in God’s grace
Anger, Shame, Eating Disorder Hope & healing; freedom to be real
Emotional and spiritual bondage I have freedom in Christ
Children on drugs; heartbroken Heart healing
Head-strong rebellious teenager By His grace here I am where I belong
Living for the world Living for the Maker of the world
Lost mom, great pain, live or die? Found Christ, great peace, died to live
Took someone’s life in the war Transformed by God’s grace
Father tragically killed God stepped in as a father, rescued by heart
Had no need for God in my life Need Him more every day. Baptized Dec. 2010
Bondage to alcohol destroyed my life Jesus broke the chains and I am free
Serving myself Now serving my Savior Jesus
Dead in sin for 44 years Alive in Christ forever
Murdered my child in the womb Forgiven! I get to hold him in heaven
I struggled with never feeling good enough Truth is I’m not, but He is. God’s grace is sufficient
Didn’t believe God could love a wretch like me Loved more than anything with all my faults – forgiven
Told I would be a failure in ministry Here I am…God is still using me
Felt insignificant and like my life didn’t matter God gave me significance in my wife and daughters
Suffered years of physical and mental abuse God rescued me when I met my husband
Lover of self Lover of Jesus!