Job Hunting Skills Workshop

Too many people are in need of jobs today. We hosted a job hunting skills workshop a while back and provided some great information on helping you find a job.  Here are some videos and some downloadable documents on using social media, creating a resume, and going through the interview process.  Praying for you to connect with the right job and career path that God wants you on! 

Pastor Billy


Download Resume and Interview Guide – Click Here


Use LinkedIn to Connect

Use Linked-In to find jobs, create an online resume, and connect with other business colleagues.  It is an enormous and growing social media site for your career. Watch these short videos for a better explanation.








Use Google Voice

You can use Google Voice to establish a “home” voice mail phone number if you are in-between phone numbers. When you get a google gmail account, you can then get a free google voice number, and you can setup your own personal greeting.  You can have google voice to forward it your current phone or just have it email the message to you. It is great if you don’t have a phone and in-between phone numbers.  It can become a standard phone number that you can use to put on your resumes or online accounts.  It could be your “home” phone number if you only use a cell phone.  There are a lot of tutorials online but this will give you a good overview.