Our Missionaries in Swaziland Africa

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Our family will serve in Swaziland, Africa.  More specifically we will be in the southern, more rural area, of the country.  Sugar cane fields stretch on for miles and the mountain border of South Africa can be seen in the distance.  AIM already has 10 care points in place where children are fed 5 days a week, and discipled.  Some of these care points have preschools, and a few have churches that have been planted.

Our vision and goal is that each of the established care points have solid, consistent discipleship.  Secondly, we plan to support the growth and planting of healthy churches at each of these care points so that eventually that church can take over all of the ministry that takes place at that care point.  Finally, our goal is to help ensure that the Children are fed, spiritually and physically, the Gospel is preached, needs are met, and that partnerships between churches here and communities there are strengthened and sustained.

A more long term vision or goal is to see the establishment of a Vocational School to help equip Swazi men with skills needed to secure employment, but more importantly secure their salvation and calling to lead their families as Godly Men.

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