9:30 Bible Study and Fellowship Groups for all ages.

  • Adults meet throughout the facility – please see someone at the front entrance foyer for directions.
  • Students meet upstairs.
  • Children downstairs.
  • Nursery provided.
  • Someone at the information desk at the front entrance foyer can help you get your children checked in (for security purposes) and help you find a group that will fit you.

10:45 Contemporary Worship Service

  • All ages welcome, especially your kids.  If you want, we have a kids service and nursery.
  • Willow Point Kids Worship – Kids worship service – The security check-in will give you all the information you need.
  • Preschool
  • Nursery provided if wanted.

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

Will your church judge me?  Absolutely not. Even with my tats and my jeans? Not even with your tats and jeans. We really don’t care about your looks – we do care about you though. This is not a judgmental finger-pointing church.

What do I need to wear?  Dress-up, dress-down, dress casual, but most wear jeans. It is not a pageant, it is about Jesus! Just come!

What if I am not on time?  Come when you can! Better late than not coming at all!

What does the pastor preach/teach?  You can expect to learn something about Jesus and how He can help you and your family navigate life.

Do you expect me to give?  No. You can expect to see the offering plate passed at the end of the service, but guests are not asked to contribute. Members of WP take care of the financial needs of this church. But if you want to, then you have the option.

Do you have coffee?  Yes!  Coffee is available at the SwaziCafe in the fellowship hall.

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